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Here are some answers to common questions about my work... You can find answers to questions about my jewelry and hoops below, including wholesale information.



Do you do custom work? - I love designing customized items for customers. Shoot me an email with your ideas!

Oops, I lost/damaged my earrings. Can you repair them?? - My work is guaranteed against defects from workmanship. If you have a problem with your earrings within one week of receipt, please convo me for a repair or replacement. If more than one week has elapsed from the date received, please message me to work out a repair. If you lose an earring, I can make you a replacement, but I will need a photo/description of the remaining earring.

What is your return policy? - My etsy stores offer different return policies. They can be found in the 'policies' section of each respective shop. I do not accept returns on hula hoop orders, since they are customized.

Do you wholesale your work? - My work has been sold in 13 stores across North America. I happily wholesale my work at a discounted rate as long as 10 pieces are ordered. Shoot me an email with your wishlist and information about your store!

It helps to head on over to etsy to look at the names of my pieces and retail pricing.

How do I care for my earrings/hairpiece? - Silver findings and the ear hooks will require occasional cleanings with a metal cleaner. Test in an inconspicuous place first to ensure the cleaner will not damage the metal. Longer earrings are shipped coiled in a gift box. They may be kind of wavy when you take them out initially. Either hang them or place in a book for a bit and they will straighten right out. Although they are securely wrapped, my wire wrapped earrings can easily get caught on backpacks, purses, and anything else they can get wrapped into. I give the feathers a firm tug after wrapping to ensure they’re in place. Take care with them, because if you pull hard enough, a couple feathers will get pulled out, and there’s nothing in the wire wrapping to prevent them all from coming out. I do not use glue because it is messy and you’d be able to see it through the wire wrapping. My feather hair pins and fascinators are sturdily made. Feathers are hand trimmed and glued onto their backing. With normal wear and tear, feathers will not fall out. Take care not to pull on the feathers or you may yank them out or rip them. Please store your item in its gift box. Feather items that aren’t stored properly are easily damaged and cannot be repaired. Over time, the glue that binds the feathers to their pin, barrette, or clip may come loose. This is NORMAL. Apply some superglue or craft glue to the backing and pin and allow the item to sit overnight to ensure a good bond.

How do I care for my hula hoop? - I will have coiled and uncoiled your hoop several times before it has been mailed to you so that I know it is free from defects in workmanship before arrival. Your hoop is shipped coiled down and wrapped in bubble wrap. The coils are secured with some fabric strips. Gently open the hoop into a figure 8 and then gently and slowly pull at the connectors to open the hoop into a circle. Please watch a video on youtube on how to open a collapsible hoop if you are new to hooping. When the hoop is coiled down, it is possible to twist the two circles around each other. If the circles are twisted, and you attempt to open the hoop, it will not open and you will feel a lot of resistance. If this happens, don't try to force it open. Twist the small circles in the other direction and try to open.

Do not yank or apply a lot of force to the tubing when it is coiled down. It is at its weakest state when coiled down and it there is a possiblility of kinking the tubing if you are rough with it. If you are gentle when opening and closing it, you will not ever have any problems. Please note that I do not warrant against kinks in the tubing as this is always caused by excessive force being applied to the tubing. After shipping, It WILL be a little wonky/ovaly looking at first, especially since it was shipped in its coiled state for several days. As it stays in its circular shape and you hoop with it, it will become a perfect circle again. I don't recommend permanently storing it in its coiled down state. The tapes were applied while it was in its circular state and will scrunch a bit when coiled down.

My hoops are guaranteed not come apart with hooping. However, if you PULL on the connections, the hoop will open up (this seems obvious but just in case...). If you improperly open the hoop it is possible to kink the tubing. The 1/2" ID tubing is thinner than the 3/4", and better for flow, hand work, and transitions.. However, this lightness makes it more prone to kinking. If you slam it hard enough, it is possible to kink it. I have never kinked a hoop, but my friend (who is a hard hooper) has kinked one of mine when she slammed it erroneously into the ground. I also do not warrant against chips or tears in the tape. This will happen with normal wear and tear of the hoop.

Over time, the tape will come loose in places. You can use some scotch tape to fix down the corners or to cover gashes. If you get some scratches, convo me and I will happily sell you some tape scraps at a very cheap price to repair your hoop's tape job. You can clean your hoop with a warm wet rag and a mild dish soap.

I do not recommend hooping on asphalt or concrete, especially as a beginner. If you hoop on asphalt, and drop the hoop several times, the tape will start chipping away and the hoop will need to be retaped in no time. I recently had to retape a hoop that was perfect for over a year. I let a beginner use it on asphalt for 15 minutes and after she was done, the taping was completely ruined.

If you take care of your hoop it will last for a really long time!!

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